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I chose the Chiropractic profession because I was offered a rugby scholarship in 1990 to attend Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It was however meant to be and has opened many doors for me and has led me to a life of always looking at the cause of problems and finding solutions that will help the body heal itself. 


From colic babies to Springbok rugby players, I have found that the Chiropractic adjustment is the quickest, easiest and safest way to alleviate stress and pain and to restore the body back to optimal biomechanical function. The Chiropractic Adjustment restores motion & movement & flexibility to our musculoskeletal system. Structure dictates function.


"I have been seeing Dr Warren van Zyl as a Chiropractor since I started at Natal Sharks and yet still to this day I see him on a monthly basis to keep my back in line and my body in good shape!"  John Smit, Springbok Rugby World Cup Winning Captain.


"The combined efforts of the SA Cricket team's physiotherapist and chiropractor, Dr Warren van Zyl, have insured that I have missed the minimal number of matches throughout my career due to muscular strains."  Jonty Rhodes, South African Cricket Legend.


"I don't need any convincing to believe the obvious: Correct manipulation of the human chassis (spine) which houses all the muscles and tendons of the body will definitely prevent injury!"  Ian Macintosh, former Sharks & Springbok Coach.


"The impact of Warren van Zyl's holistic approach on the minds & bodies of sporting greats makes enlightening and inspiring reading and provides the stimulus for us to progress down the endless road of learning and experience."  Norrie Williamson, International Ultra Marathon Athlete & Coach.


Whatsapp message 072 421 7718 to make an appointment.

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