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Stress Relief

How can we reduce stress and stay focused to improve all areas of our life? Our subconscious mind stores programs created by our conscious thinking ego mind - and we experience many negative challenges, stress & loss etc. in our life journey that can become negative patterns. Just as you can manifest a negative pattern or program, so too can you create new positive empowering patterns in your life.


Besides these personal challenges during our life, we are also told by well-meaning parents & expectations from society to go out and make money - so we focus on work / business and our personal relationships may suffer and we can experience stress and poor health.

A "Life Goals Assessment" in all areas of your life 

can help you determine where you are with regards to holistic success in your life and then help you set goals to achieve just that.

Download and complete the assessment at the bottom of this page now to start the process.

I will show you how the conscious ego mind can store negative subconscious patterns and teach you how you can re-program yourself in all areas of your life to live a more balanced stress free life.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture treatment reduces adrenaline & cortisol (stress hormones) - your body physiology. Re-programing your subconscious patterns addresses your psychology The two must go hand in hand and work together to achieve and sound healthy mind & body.


To make an appointment or ask me a question simply send me a written or voice message on whatsapp on 072 421 7718.

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